Added +1CM To My Arms – 77KG!

During my 21 day Arms program I managed to put on 1 cm to my arms. I am very pleased with this results, as my arms are very hard to grow. The reason for this is that I have no fat on my arms, it is all muscle already. So to get them bigger I…

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how you put on 5kg muscle1

How Anyone Can Put On 5kg Of Muscle – Book Upcoming

I’m not sitting still. Due to some changes in my private life, the last weeks I have not always been able to stick to my food schedule. I find this no problem as I am a solid 76kg right now and expecting it to be 77kg next week. I am still training 5 days a…

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Arm training

21 Days To Bigger Arms

Time to try to grow those arms Today I am going to start my 21 Days To Bigger Arms. This doesn’t mean I will train them every day, but almost 3 times a week, which is more than enough. I want my arms to grow, because I feel they stay a bit behind other body…

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I am still alive!

And pumping It has been a while since I wrote something on my blog. I have been busy the last two weeks with meeting friends/family, and I started to apply for jobs and having a few interviews. I try to carefully plan my training and food around this, but sometimes it is just not possible.…

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I hit 75KG!

Progress Update on Nutrition and Training – week 5 I am still on 3700-3800 calories, and 2 days ago I hit 75KG! From now it’s going to be hard as I once hit this weight when I did a dirty bulk, eating lots of sugar. Now there is no dirty bulking for me. Maybe once…

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Progress Update on Training – Week 4

It is time to give a little update on my progress. So far I have completed 4 weeks. With success? Yes and no. More about that later. The first two weeks you start of entirely fresh, highly motivated and ready to pump it hard. Those two weeks were great. I trained, according to the program…

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Water and Digestion

You have probably heard it many times: drink enough water, at least two liters a day! Before you start thinking that I come with a blog post about that this is not true, I want to get this straight. I could not agree more. Water has many health benefits and should therefore be consumed as…

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Training When Sick?

I am really having a cold right now. Last week, I had a couple of days where I didn’t feel well, but I still went training. Don’t let the sickness get you. Try to not give in to it, try to keep doing what you normally do. I think as long as you do not…

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Under The Weather

The last few days I have not been feeling very well. It is not that I am ill, but I am not totally OK. I also have a cold. I did go training though. Yesterday I was doing a shoulders and arms workout. Getting to the end of the training I still had to do…

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Prepare My Food

If you don’t like cooking, it’s definitely worth considering preparing your food for a couple of days or the entire week. If you don’t like cooking, it’s worth considering. So I don’t like cooking multiple times a day, at all. Therefore I prepare my food. I don’t mind cooking if a friend comes over so…

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